Monday, October 21, 2013

Ryder - Week 1

 Meet Flynn Ryder.  We met him on Sunday, September 29th.  That's when the first picture below was taken of him.  We didn't take him home that day.  So I nicknamed him Flynn Ryder since I thought we weren't ready for him.  I couldn't stop thinking of him!  Chris called later that week and asked if I wanted to go get him.  Picture #2 was taken on Saturday, October 5th when we brought him home!  That just happens to be the same date we brought Gabby home 11 years ago.

Chris has always wanted a German Shepherd.  He's been working on my for a while now.  We wanted a black & tan and I preferred a female since they are 20 lbs smaller than the male GSD.  However, I fell in love with this beautiful, black boy GSD!  I'm pretty sure we all fell in love with him.  

We tried calling him something other than Ryder since that was a nick name given to him jokingly.  Magnus was at the top of the list and for a few hours he was Magnus.  That became too confusing with our other guy Max.  So we went back to Ryder.  It fits him well!

 I took him for his first check-up that following Monday.  He was 11 weeks old that day and weighed 12 pounds.  I'm pretty sure we're going to have a big boy on our hands soon!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our First Get Away...Since Sarah Was Born!

This past spring, Chris & I received an invite to his annual company party.  This wouldn't be like the parties of the past with a family picnic day or dinner at Maggiano's.  This was ILLCO's 40th Anniversary Party!  

A block of rooms were reserved at The Palmer House Hotel and Carmichael's Steakhouse was closed to the public for the evening to host this party.  Since becoming parents, we have never had an over night get away just us two.  So this sounded like music to my ears!  So here are a ridiculous amount of selfies to document our little weekend.

Waiting for the train.

 My handsome hubby of 11 years!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  It may actually be my favorite now that I'm thinking about it.  Sarah loves it too. So I took this picture outside of Union Station to show her that Chicago is ready for fall too!

We were starving by the time we got downtown, but we didn't want to eat too much ahead of our lovely dinner.  So we found a Chipotle and shared a burrito bowl!  A lady took pity on on horrible attempt to photograph ourselves and offered to take our picture.  

This hotel is gorgeous.  I'm really sad that I didn't take pictures to show how ornate and beautifully decorated it is inside.  We just didn't have enough time.

Sadly the pictures I took of us on my iPhone that night really didn't turn out.  We had a great time!  It was a little chilly, so we didn't enjoy the patio at the restaurant as much as I would have liked.  The dinner was delicious and the atmosphere comfy.  Mr. Glass and his wife were so gracious to host this event for all employees.  It made for a wonderful first time get away for this daddy and mommy.

The next morning was beautiful.  We got up early.  Chris ran to get donuts and coffee while I got ready.  We checked out soon after so we could enjoy the city.  We walked through Millennium Park which is always a favorite thing to do.  Then we headed north up Michigan Ave. to The American Girl store for a surprise for Sarah.  I think we enjoy that store as much as she does!

This art exhibit was on display in the park.  It was interesting to say the least.

Chris thought this one looked like it was in a straight jacket!

We took time to explore the WGN building from the outside.  We looked at all the different stones from all over the world that is a part of the building.  We walked past the WGN radio studio while movie & entertainment critic Dean Richards was on the air.  He waived to us and another couple as we stopped outside his studio window for a minute.

Meanwhile, Sarah was at her first over nighter up in Crystal Lake with my cousins Sheryll & Marty.  This was technically her first planned overnight away that didn't include Chris being at the ER or staying with her cousins during Christmas vacation.  She had a great time too!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lincoln Park Zoo Before School

We met up with our friends for the last big outing of the summer on Friday before school started the following Monday.  We only did a small portion of the zoo since the girls preferred to play.  It was a beautiful day & we had a great time!

It was the weekend of the Air & Water show.  That morning and early afternoon, we were able to watch practice.

Sarah always prefers to sit in the seat on a carousel.  Silly girl!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Night Before First Grade...An Interview with Sarah

The night before the start of her First Grade year, I made her a special dinner.  I got the idea from a popular blogger.  I hope to turn the tradition into something way more festive like she does.  This year I was content with getting dinner on the table!

Dinner consisted of Chicken Under a Brick, potatoes roasted in garlic, butter, & chicken stock, and blanched broccoli.  Sarah had a special Orange Cream Soda that she thought was the best thing ever!  Dessert was a yummy, albeit store bought, chocolate cake.

I interviewed Sarah between dinner and dessert.  She thought it was fun to be questioned.

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Number: 6
Favorite TV Show: Good Luck Charlie
Favorite Movie: Smurfs 2
What do you want to be when you grow up?  An Animal Doctor
Favorite Toy or Game to Play: Dolls
Who is your best friend?  Jazlynn
Favorite Summer 2013 activity:  Our trip to Lincoln Park Zoo with Jazlynn
Favorite Breakfast: Pancakes
Favorite Lunch: Waffles (???)
Favorite Dinner: Chicken, Broccoli, and Carrots
Favorite Dessert: Cake
Favorite Animal: Elephant
Favorite Song: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson

Monday, September 9, 2013

First Grader

Sarah's first day of first grade was August 19, 2013.  She was so excited for the new school year.  She was most excited to have recess and eat lunch at school!  Now that school has started, she is really loving the two days of specials each week.  On Thursdays she has P.E. and Fridays she has Art & Music.  She is continuing with the Dual Language program.  I think she is off to a great start this year.  The new first grade dual language teacher is amazing so far!  She is engaged with the parents and her students.  Fingers are crossed for lots of learning this year!

It occurred to me this summer that for 6 years I have had lunch almost daily with her.  I'll admit I wasn't looking forward to buying her a lunch box.  I know that sounds silly.  It was the last thing she needed to be prepared as an all day school girl.  The first few days were strange for me to eat alone.  I almost had to remind myself!  It is really nice though to have a quiet house to accomplish all my tasks before she comes home so I can give her my full attention, almost, before going to work each night.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blah June

June was pretty blah around here.  The weather was  on the less appealing side with lots of rain and chilly temps.  The first week of June was the first week out of school.  Sarah started the week with a fever that lasted for 3 days and was pretty sluggish for the next few days.
June also meant that school started back for Sarah.  Right as she recovered from the fever she went right back to school...summer reading camp to be more exact.  Since she is in a Dual Language program, the district offered a free reading program to strengthen her reading skills over the summer.  We are almost finished with the program and it has not disappointed.  She has jumped nearly 2 full reading levels in under 5 weeks!!!  I wish this had happened during the school year.
The class time is the longest she's ever gone to school.  Preschool and Kindergarten were only 2.5 hours.  This summer program is a full 4 hour program starting at 7:30 AM.  She is most excited about riding a bus and being in class with her bff Jazlynn.  School gets out next week and I'm looking forward to fun summer activities!

There was at least one thumb war battle during June.  I'm sure there were more like 20 battles.  I don't know where Chris got these cute thumb war bandits.  They were lots of fun!
We also squeezed in a trip to Chuck E. Cheese! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sarah's Last Day of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is offically over as of May 31, 2013.  We now have a very excited 1st Grader.

 Sarah with her sweet teacher Ms. de la Cruz
 Sarah with Mrs. Alegria who was an academic intern and will be Principal at another elementary school next year.
 Sarah with her best friend Jazlynn.  Sadly she will be going to a different school next year.  They are the best of friends.  We're going to miss her...sniff sniff.

Chris took the day off and after school he wanted to take her to lunch.  Her request was to go to Red Lobster.  She loves that place and even got to pet a lobster!