Monday, September 9, 2013

First Grader

Sarah's first day of first grade was August 19, 2013.  She was so excited for the new school year.  She was most excited to have recess and eat lunch at school!  Now that school has started, she is really loving the two days of specials each week.  On Thursdays she has P.E. and Fridays she has Art & Music.  She is continuing with the Dual Language program.  I think she is off to a great start this year.  The new first grade dual language teacher is amazing so far!  She is engaged with the parents and her students.  Fingers are crossed for lots of learning this year!

It occurred to me this summer that for 6 years I have had lunch almost daily with her.  I'll admit I wasn't looking forward to buying her a lunch box.  I know that sounds silly.  It was the last thing she needed to be prepared as an all day school girl.  The first few days were strange for me to eat alone.  I almost had to remind myself!  It is really nice though to have a quiet house to accomplish all my tasks before she comes home so I can give her my full attention, almost, before going to work each night.

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