Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blah June

June was pretty blah around here.  The weather was  on the less appealing side with lots of rain and chilly temps.  The first week of June was the first week out of school.  Sarah started the week with a fever that lasted for 3 days and was pretty sluggish for the next few days.
June also meant that school started back for Sarah.  Right as she recovered from the fever she went right back to school...summer reading camp to be more exact.  Since she is in a Dual Language program, the district offered a free reading program to strengthen her reading skills over the summer.  We are almost finished with the program and it has not disappointed.  She has jumped nearly 2 full reading levels in under 5 weeks!!!  I wish this had happened during the school year.
The class time is the longest she's ever gone to school.  Preschool and Kindergarten were only 2.5 hours.  This summer program is a full 4 hour program starting at 7:30 AM.  She is most excited about riding a bus and being in class with her bff Jazlynn.  School gets out next week and I'm looking forward to fun summer activities!

There was at least one thumb war battle during June.  I'm sure there were more like 20 battles.  I don't know where Chris got these cute thumb war bandits.  They were lots of fun!
We also squeezed in a trip to Chuck E. Cheese! 

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